Asymmetric Bars

Free Standing Asymmetric Bars. Height adjustment made by polished sliding stainless steel tubes with Stainless Steel Locking Keys. All our professional range have High Quality Teak Gymnastics Bars with Stainless Steel End Supports and incorporating a 10mm Solid Steel Rod for extra strength and durability.

High Bar Adjustment Between 160cm - 200cm.
Low Bar Adjustment from 130cm - 170cm.
Width Inside Measurements - 120cm

Length of Frame - 200cm

We recommend you purchase one of our Tri-Fold Bar Mats with this piece of equipment to extend the length of the landing posiiton to over 2.4 Mtrs (8FT) This also adds to the stability of the complete set and we would NOT recommend using this piece of equipment without any form of Crash Mat. 

Distance between bars can be adjusted by simply moving bars apart and locking them to the frame by our unique and simple locking feature. This item weighs in excess of 100Kg

This is from our 'Professional Range' and can be used at Home or at the Gym - This is one of the strongest Asymmetric Bars on the Market. Normally these bars are made from light weight material such as aluminium box section with light weight carbon beams or fibreglass. The Slim-Gym Asymmetric Bars weigh over 100kg and are made from 'High Grade' Steel and Stainless Steel.

Included in this set:

1 x High Bar
1 x Low Bar
1 x Frame

We are not the cheapest on the market, as there are alot of cheaper inferior products out there to buy. But if you are looking for a 'Top of The Range Set' of Asymmetric Bars for your child that are both 'Strong' and 'Safe' to use then our 'Professional Range' is perfectly suited for you childs needs.
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