Gymnastic Balance Beams

All 'Slim-Gym' Professional Balance Beams have reinforced '40mm' Box Section Leg Supports welded onto '3mm' Steel Plates and then powder coated for a professional appearance. These supports are then secured to the beam by 8 x Stainless Steel M10 (50mm) Coach Bolts.

These Professional Balance Beams are not to be confused with 'cheaper quality' beams with 'Round Chrome Tube Legs' that are screwed to the beam by screws that eventually come loose and make the beam unsafe for practice.
We have over the years had a number of customers who have purchased 'poor quality' beams of this type only to then purchase the Box Section Legs from ourselves to make the beams safe again.**So we advise all our customers to buy better quality 'First' time, as your child's safety is of paramount importance to ourselves**

The 'Slim-Gym' range of Balance Beams weigh from 16kg-22kg, and this adds to its safe and stable qualities that are not normally found on many beams on the market.

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